Do I have to order from MyVideoStore?

No, you can use MyVideoStore purely as an information resource if you wish. Choose Subscription type "Info Only".

Do I need new accounts?

No, when placing an order for movie stock you use your existing distributor account numbers, so you can start ordering straight away. You are effectively placing orders and dealing directly with the distributor. Using your existing account numbers also makes it easier for you to manage your distributor accounts.

Can I subscribe to MyVideoStore if I am a member of a rental or franchise group?

Yes, MyVideoStore is designed purely as an aggregated industry resource for information. You place orders direct with the distributors you are already dealing with. For this reason you use your existing distributor accounts. MyVideoStore is an additional tool and resource for all video stores to make placing orders and managing stock simpler.

How do I pay for stock?

Because you are dealing directly with the distributor using your existing distributor accounts, payment of your movie stock is exactly the same as your current payment methods with distributors.

How do I pay for accessories or other purchases from MyVideoStore?

MyVideoStore accepts Visa and MasterCard as payment methods for all stock purchased directly from MyVideoStore.

When will my orders be delivered?

If you're ordering products from a distributor, the delivery times will be the same as you are currently experiencing from each of the respective distributors. If you're ordering stock from MyVideoStore, you're able to choose your preferred delivery method at the checkout stage; but generally allow 7 days for delivery.